The story of QBIX

QBIX is a brand started by Suitup, A creative studio from the Hague in The Netherlands.

QBIX was created out of frustration with existing stencil products. Suitup has a big stake in the Dutch graffiti scene, with their online graffiti & art supplies shop, named As artists themselves, a few core Suitup members missed high-quality stencils which they could use as a tool for their own art projects and for the use at graffiti-workshops, they liked to do for some pocket money.

The stencils they used at that point where either cheap quality from China, had boring designs, where to small or they would damage while using solvents to clean them with. After finding the right materials to work with and come up with fresh designs and the ability to repackage the stencils, friend artists began asking for QBIX stencils. The brand grew from there on.

QBIX launches fresh designs on a regular basis and the product lines are evolving. From 3 layer 3D-effect stencils, to packaged mylar sheets. You find a wide range of packaged stencils, stenciling-tools and equipment.

Today there are retailers of QBIX in over 20 countries. A modern business venture with partners in different corners of Europe, QBIX is a true collaboration of strengths.

Become part of the story by posting pictures of your creations on Instagram: #qbixart

Click here for pics of the fantastic things people are doing with QBIX Stencils all round the world