• How to create your own stencils

    Stencil art is a captivating form of artistic expression that allows you to create intricate designs with clean lines and precise details. Whether...
  • Exploring advanced stencil techniques

    Stencils have long been a beloved tool for artists, allowing them to achieve precise and repeatable designs in their artwork. While basic stencil ...
  • How to paint with a Stencil: Tips & Tricks

    An incredibly easy and inexpensive way to spice up your art is with stencils! There are many artists who choose to paint with a stencil, because it's a lot faster and gives perfect results every time. Banksy is a very popular example of someone who uses stencils in their artwork. Learn a few tips & tricks to paint a stencil like a pro!

  • Our new stencil shop is live!

    Welcome at This is the official qbix store, where you can find the latest designs, and can buy them right from the source.